Aeras of Expertise

Etienne Rosenthal is an experienced legal counsel, who acts as a consultant as well as in the event of litigation in economic law whether it is a case involving consumer rights(consumer law) or one relating to disputes between corporations (competition and distribution law).

In terms of advice, he is involved in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contacts, supply and sales agreements, service delivery, promotion and advertising such as commercial partnerships or industrial cooperation.

In litigation, he takes action before the courts in cases of a breach of negotiation, contracts and commercial relations, as well as in the context of actions for liability based on the obligation to advise, actions in unfair and abusive competition, defamation, discriminatory practices, or actions to guarantee hidden defects and lack of conformity (redhibitory actions) and manufacturers’ warranty.

Etienne Rosenthal regularly represents parties in regulatory law disputes before the relevant professional tribunals and courts.

This includes disputes questioning the liability of professionals, corporations or collectivities, in the sectors of law (lawyers, notaries) accounting (chartered accountants) of risk (insurances and intermediaries, experts) of construction (craftsmen, builders, project managers and architects, promoters) of housing (owners, co-owners, tenants, real estate agents, trustees, diagnosticians) of machines and equipment (builders, distributors, sellers, repairers, controllers, experts) of health (doctors, pharmacists, state agencies and healthcare establishments) of agriculture and food industry (operators, subcontractors and suppliers) of manufacture (operators, suppliers and subcontractors) of renewable energy (manufacturers, distributors and installers of wind turbines, photovoltaic panels, etc.) of employment (employers) of transport (transporters, subcontractors, warehouses’ owners, handlers), communication and media (production and broadcasting companies, webmasters) of civil engineering (contracting authorities and builders) ...

There are as many risks as risky situations and as many responsibilities as texts to regulate the activity in question.