Aeras of Expertise

Etienne Rosenthal has extensive experience in civil liability - contractual torts and quasi torts - concerning tourism professionals and their service providers, particularly travel agencies and tour operators, as well as by passenger carriers, especially those concerning air and sea transports.

He has been successful in securing positive outcomes for his clients in several particularly complex cases, against professional bodies such as the French Society of Travel Agencies (syndicate), CETO o foreign ministries in charge of tourism and transport.

Etienne Rosenthal therefore intervenes in the occasion of cancellations, delays and lack of services, as well as in all types of accidents in France and abroad, calling into question the civil and/or criminal liability borne by the person in charge (tour operator, travel agency, local service provider), the transporter (airline, shipping company, etc.) and where appropriate any public figure who, by virtue of his functions and prerogatives, could have avoided the disaster but committed a fault so serious that should be considered detachable from its functions and therefore held it liable to prosecution.

When a negotiated settlement of the dispute is not possible - which is the case in the majority of serious disputes - Etienne Rosenthal intervenes before all the courts of the judicial order - including abroad - to the effect of obtaining the recognition of any criminal and civil responsibilities followed by the best compensation for the damages sustained.