There are three main types of billing methods based either on an hourly charging rate, on a fixed-rate billing, or on a fixed price with a success fee.

In real estate transactions it may also be agreed a percentage of the sale price as a fee for the attorney’s services in case the transaction is concluded.

From the first contact the client is informed of the pricing that may be applied, the methods of billing and payment, as well as of the costs directly linked to the processing of the file, so that a concerted fee agreement is established with the client.

A pricing with an hourly charge rate, when practiced, varies between 250 € (VAT excl.) and 400 € (VAT excl.) depending on the complexity and/or the technical nature of the file, giving rise to the issue of standard regular invoices (in principle monthly) accompanied by a precise statement of fees regarding the realised interventions and the time devoted to them.

Fixed-rate billing is mainly used to process so-called "standard" procedures or recurring consultations.

Performance fee invoice is also possible, in accordance with our professional rules, provided that it is compatible with the nature of the case, in which case the fee agreement specifies in particular the terms and conditions of application, the amount of the fixed-rate fee and that of the performance fee as a percentage, as well as the definition of the result (gain or economy).