Aeras of Expertise

Since childhood, Etienne Rosenthal has been a devotee of the Arts and the Artists who create them. As the grandson of the composer and orchestra conductor Manuel Rosenthal (1904-2003), he has been surrounded by an artistic environment since his childhood; a fact that led him to become an ardent defender of creative artists, their works and their rights.

Etienne Rosenthal consults and actively participates in the drafting of contracts for transfer of copyrights. Also, in the event of litigation, he defends the moral and patrimonial rights attached to a creation of the mind, especially in the fields of literary and artistic works. Often this relates to infringements through counterfeit, violating rights of reproduction and performance rights.

The firm also represents clients in matters of trademark counterfeiting and infringements of appellation of origin or geographical indication, both in criminal and civil matters before the competent Court with exclusive jurisdiction in matters of copyright infringement and trademark counterfeiting.