Aeras of Expertise

Environmental law is probably one of the most transversal areas of law since it combines the elements which constitute itself (air, water, soil, biodiversity, biotope) with the activities which are likely to affect it emanating from human activity (harmful or polluting activities), particularly in the sectors of agriculture, industry, services and leisure.

It is also a complex matter due to the juxtaposition of national and sometimes regional laws as in the overseas territories, as well as the existence of supra-national regulations resulting from EU and International law.

Etienne Rosenthal is actively involved practising in several areas of environmental law, by consulting, participating in negotiations and litigation, opposing the protection of the biotope and biodiversity to harmful or polluting activities (pollution of soils and subsoils and marine pollution).

He acts and represents his clients before the administrative courts as well as in civil and criminal cases. These matters concern French overseas departments and territories which are most exposed to environmental risks.