Aeras of Expertise

These cases arise in both national and transnational contexts, whether resulting in catastrophic failures in manufacturing facilities or more often in the perils of sea and air transportation. Almost invariably, these cases have an international context, even where the calamitous event is confined to a single jurisdiction because international ownership of business enterprises affects the range of remedies available to injured parties. International terrorism or international instigation of terrorism has increased this element of cross border application and persons affected by it.

Etienne Rosenthal has an unrivalled experience in such matters. Over the past twenty years he has represented many victims of major accidents and victims' associations as well as the French National Federation of Victims of Terrorism and Collective Accidents (FENVAC).

In particular, he was involved in the following cases:

Hostage taking on Jolo Island in The Philippines. Terrorist action by the Abu Sayyaf Group imperilled the lives of a number of tourists from different nations. The lengthy and complex procedure, concluding in the Court of Appeal in Paris was successful in all relevant areas for the clients he represented.

“Ocean liner Queen Mary 2" in Saint-Nazaire, where the collapse of a boat access bridge at the end of construction caused the death of 16 people and injured 29 others.

Was another such case where he successfully represented the interest of (several) client(s) as were the cases of the 

These cases have required a command of areas of law as diverse as Aviation and Planning to Maritime and Criminal law: all in an international context.