As an observer of the French Institute of International Relations, Etienne Rosenthal’s practice encompasses risk assessment in relation to maritime piracy and terrorism. He has operated in this field in several parts of the World. He has dealt with the consequential prosecution and defence of public officials and members of governments arising from these types of cases.

Based on the experience Etienne Rosenthal has, including that of close collaboration with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he is able to offer to his clients expertise in crisis management, communication with the media, public relations, and even negotiations.

Throughout all such cases, Etienne Rosenthal provides his clients with the clear and effective media strategies that are essential in today’s globally connected environment. The old axiom that, “justice must not only be done but must be seen to be done” is more significant today than at any time previously. Vindication of legal rights is only half of what it takes to preserve a client’s interests. A failure in media communication can wipe out gains made in Court or Tribunal. Etienne Rosenthal’s counsel goes beyond the hearing, into support in the forum of public opinion. He provides the complete service today’s clients require.